About US

It all started with an overly loud, almost daily conversation at a Washington D.C.-area nonprofit. The history of In Reel Deep stretches back a little bit further, but in its current (and future) form that's the true genesis of this place.

Steve and I were fast friends then, annoying our cubicle-mates with cinematic minutiae and, on one occasion, driving our colleagues from a bar with an inane debate about The Simpsons Movie.

We're still carrying on the spirit today.

In Reel Deep is about just a few things - the same things that sparked those debates and jokes way back in the early 2010s:

  • A love of film of all kinds - from Golden Age classics to obscure foreign films to popcorn superhero flicks of today to, of course, just about everything Al Pacino has every made.

  • A serious and borderline pretentious approach to movies, and a completely unserious and unpretentious approach to how we talk about them.

  • Friendship. It is what brought us together after all.

We're as professional as you can be while remaining complete amateurs, and we hope that comes across as you read our reviews and essays and listen to our podcast.


- Andrew

The In Reel Deep Team


Andrew Johnson

Founder, Executive Editor

Andrew once watched more than 100 releases a year. Now he has a 2-year-old daughter and an inability to stay awake/alive if he isn't constantly moving. He makes up for not getting to the theater as often as he'd like by writing about classic film and crafting thinkpieces that have a quarter of the audience (at best) of the latest Marvel review Steve just published.

Favorite Movie: Casablanca


Steve Cimino

Senior Writer

Steve is a Los Angeles-based writer/editor who can now boast to being as tan as Andrew is pale. He was born in South Jersey and, as such, loves Bruce Springsteen; after stints in Boston and DC, he found a home in the entertainment capital of the world and makes time for at least one movie a week. You can hear him perfecting his hosting skills on every episode of our podcast.

Favorite Movie: Danny Collins or The Godfather


Tinisi Paelay

Publisher & Designer

Tinisi is a New York-based UX Developer and Designer, who has softened his stance on Andrew being a "Hater" over the years. He has DVR'd and watched the HBO movie of the week since 2001. Forza Inter!

Favorite Movie: Fargo
Runner-up: Prometheus (Director's Cut)


Tom Kutsch

Contributor, Al Pacino Beat

Tom is a New York-based editor person who thinks he's also still technically a writer because he used to do that as well. Maybe he'll do it again, if only he musters the courage. He is of Nebraskan stock, a point which he is curiously fond of reminding people. He believes A.J., Steve and Tinisi to be apt individuals who all enjoy moving pictures.

Favorite Movie: Children of Men