Essays and Analysis

2013--The Year Empathy Reigned

More than in many other years, feeling for and with your fellow man ruled the movies of the past year.

Talkin' Oscars: Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress

Our discussion on the Oscars reaches its conclusion with a look at the Supporting Actor and Supporting Actress races (and a bunch of other stuff).

Talkin' Oscars: Best Actor, Best Actress Races

In the second installment of Talkin' Oscars, we look at the Best Actor and Best Actress races.

Talkin' Oscars: The Best Picture Race

Our writers break down the recently announced Academy Award nominations by starting with a look at the Best Picture race.

Childish Blockbusters and the Decline of Action Movies

Connecting the dots between the decline of action movies and the "childish" state of recent blockbusters.