It's a Mandatory Oscars Preview

Dust off that red carpet and polish those golden trophies, it's Academy Awards time! (crickets)

Yes, we hear you. The Oscars are a long and annoying mess of a show, and the winners are neither the "best" at their particular craft nor indicative of public, or even critical, preference as a whole. But here they are! And we're a movie blog, so we are required by Internet law to produce at least one piece of Oscar-themed content.

Andrew and Steve break down the biggest categories, from Best Supporting Actor and Actress to Best Director and Picture, wondering whether the #REVmentum will lead to a The Revenant sweep or if The Big Short and Spotlight have what it takes to pull minor upsets. Steve also makes the boldest prediction in In Reel Deep history, and is immediately chastised by Andrew for daring to think outside the box. It's the In Reel Deep Podcast!

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