DC Can't Even Do 'Suicide Squad' Right

It seemed like a no-brainer; Will Smith, Margot Robbie, and Jared Leto in a bad guy team-up that'll blow Guardians of the Galaxy and Deadpool out of the water. And box office-wise, they weren't wrong: Suicide Squad made a ton of money on its opening weekend. But once again, a DC/Warner Bros. feature was ravaged by critics and looks to further slow the DC Extended Universe in its lengthy march to Justice League.

What went wrong with Suicide Squad? Do we blame writer-director David Ayer or the suits at Warner? And how does this affect Wonder Woman, the aforementioned Justice League, and the future of DC's film slate? Does all the money make up for a horrible movie, or are the executives going into panic mode once again? Steve invites a DC movie mega fan (yes, those do exist) onto the In Reel Deep Podcast to discuss all that and more:

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