And Justice for Al: 'Any Given Sunday'

With the Super Bowl mere days away, it's time to take the Internet's best Al Pacino podcast onto the gridiron and tackle Any Given Sunday.

Everyone remembers Pacino's "game of inches" speech near the end, but Oliver Stone's ode to football also proved prescient on issues we're still talking about today, such as paying college players and head injuries. But because it's Stone, those ideas are surrounded by a wash of frenetic editing and over-the-top sequences that dull any larger meaning. And, of course, there's a lot of Pacino in the mix as well.

On the latest episode of And Justice for Al, we examine Al's work as Tony D'Amato and marvel at how Pacino and Jamie Foxx act their asses off in between scenes where football players do cocaine and cut cars in half with chainsaws.

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