Accept No Substitutes: 'Jackie Brown' Proves Tarantino Can Do Slow and Steady


When going through Quentin Tarantino’s filmography, it’s easy to forget Jackie Brown. The 1997 Pulp Fiction follow-up is his slowest film; with middle-aged leads and a more traditional story that’s surprising light on violence, it was a shock to the system of fans who wanted another Reservoir Dogs.

But now that we’ve seen decades of Tarantino films, it’s refreshing how different Jackie Brown feels. The work Pam Grier and Robert Forster did, not only in rejuvenating their careers but in bringing this script to life, is nothing short of masterful. And we haven’t even mentioned Samuel L. Jackson, Robert De Niro, or Michael Keaton yet! Join us as we revisit what made this light detour in Tarantino’s career so special.

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