Finally, Pacino and Tarantino Meet in 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'


As you can imagine from our And Justice for Al series, we at the In Reel Deep Podcast lost our minds when we found out Al Pacino would be starring in a Quentin Tarantino movie. And once we decided to embark on a tour through Tarantino’s filmography, it only made sense that we’d combine these worlds and put together a Once Upon a Time in Hollywood megacast.

Because, as with all Tarantino movies, there’s so much more to discuss than just one performance. The duo of Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio; the controversy surrounding Margot Robbie’s role; Tarantino’s insistence on creating alternate universes…there’s a lot to break down. So join us, won’t you, as we head back into ol’ timey Hollywood with QT and dissect his latest feature film. Including, of course, a whole lot of Pacino banter.

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