Complaints About Netflix Changes Are Ridiculous


"Everyone getting indignant over Netflix's price increase has forgotten that Netflix is a fucking miracle from the future." -- Jon Bois, friend and genius. In case you missed it, Netflix announced some changes to its subscription services on Tuesday.

Subscribers will now be forced to choose between the streaming-only service at $7.99 a month and the streaming-plus-one-DVD-at-home service for $15.98 a month. It had previously offered the latter option for $9.99. Users can also select a 1-DVD plan for $7.99 a month and a 2-DVD plan for $11.99 a month. And ... wait, I'll just echo Mr. Bois and ask -- really, people are upset about this?

No one likes paying more money for a service they already had, and times are tough, and every other caveat under the sun, but this totally falls under the realm of comedian Louis CK's classic diatribe about our expectations for technology, as another bright friend of mine pointed out. The rant is below, and absolutely spot on when it comes to the Netflix grousing.

Everything is amazing right now, and nobody's happy.

Ten years ago, how far would $15.98 have gotten us renting movies from Blockbuster or whatever other McMovie store was around the corner with a barely adequate selection and poor customer service? Three new releases and a VHS of Happy Gilmore, all of which you'll have to return in a few days? Now it gets you, what, four or five movies a month (under this plan) mailed to your doorstep from a selection of more than 100,000 titles and instantly accessible, streaming, high-definition films and TV shows from a smaller but still incredibly robust collection.

Yeah, I'll take now over then, even at double the price.