Dennis Farina Was the Best at Saying 'Fuck'


Dennis Farina died Monday. He was 69. If you're wondering who the hell that is, it's OK. I had to look it up too, but once I stumbled upon his IMDb page I recognized him instantly as the bombastic character actor who had supporting roles in everything from Snatch. to Saving Private Ryan to Little Big League to Saving Private Ryan. He's been in a ton of stuff. He was always memorable. I'm gonna miss the guy. That's especially so because it's hard to think of an actor who swore more gleefully and consistently than Farina. (There was just something the mustache, the intensity with which he spoke and the Chicago accent; I can't fully explain it if you don't agree.) Warming Glow eulogized him this morning with a supercut of him swearing, and we're going to follow suit.

Until next time, Cousin Avi.