George Lucas Strikes Again on 'Star Wars' Blu-Rays


It's been less than a week since Screening Room brought you news of the CGI Yoda that is set to appear in the Blu-Ray edition of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. But since director George Lucas is a serial rapist of his own legacy -- thanks Trey Parker and Matt Stone -- we've already got more news of his incessant tinkering.

From SlashFilm comes the disappointing, but unsurprising, news of an audio edit to Darth Vader's "Noooooo" in Return of the Jedi:

And of Obi-Wan Kenobi's dragon call in the original Star Wars:

Russ Fischer from SlashFilm urges us not to buy the Blu-Rays, contending that our money is only encouraging Lucas in thinking that he's doing things fans actually want. He's probably right, I suppose -- I'm sighing deeply as I compose this -- but this is hardly going to make me cancel my Amazon pre-order.

The problem isn't just Lucas here. It's also that it's hard as a consumer to keep up with new formats. The last set of Star Wars films I owned were on VHS. Those are long since gone, and I want to own Star Wars again, so what am I supposed to do? Ignore the existence of films that I cherish. That's not good enough for me, and it's not going to be good enough for many a film buff out there.