Your 2013 Oscars Live Blog: Results, Instant Reaction


Hollywood's biggest night is upon us once again. The 85th Academy Awards, with host Seth MacFarlane, get rolling at 8:30 PM ET on ABC. There's some suspense in the air along with a seemingly well-deserved sense of triumph for the movie industry. The past year has been a terrific one for films, both for fans and for folks monitoring the box office numbers. But enough with the wistful glances back. If you want those, check out our Oscar preview and my list of the Top 10 movies I saw in 2012 (with an update over at my Tumblr if you really want the latest). You're here for Oscar night, and we've got you all taken care of. You can get my instant reaction to the night's events, via Twitter, and a little bit further below that, you can see all the nominees and the winners in bold as they are announced.

The tweeting begins at 7 PM ET when the red carpet opens up, so settle in for a great evening.