Yup, Idiots Are Still Upset at Netflix


Last week, I wrote about how silly the kerfluffle over Netflix's price hike was, with the assistance of a friend's clever quip and comedian Louis CK's even more clever quip. Well, apparently I don't have as much pull as I thought because consumers are pretty pissed at Netflix. Wired.com reported earlier this week that Netflix stands to lose more than 2 million subscribers over the price hike, and that's a figure that I assume (perhaps incorrectly) doesn't include the impending collapse of the American economy.

Wow, people are pissed. How dare we have to pay almost $20 for a combination plan that includes unlimited access to streaming movies and television shows and the ability to rent three new releases at one time! The nerve. It's gotten so bad that Jason Alexander is relevant again, thanks to the FunnyorDie.com video below, titled "Netflix Relief Fund."

Seriously, I'm just about through with this story, or rather the people complaining about this story. Netflix is awesome. I'd probably pay 50 percent more for my plan than I do now, and I don't even have one of the cheap options.

The problem is that America is filled with Americans who are unwilling to sacrifice on anything once they've had it a certain way. Enjoy standing in line at Redbox.