What Do Disney, Netflix, and MoviePass Mean for the Future of Film?

Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu are on the rise. Blockbusters and cinematic universes aren't the only draws in town, but they're close. And MoviePass is using venture capital to subsidize thousands of moviegoers nationwide. It is a very odd time for the film industry.

Is this all a good or bad thing? That's what your pals at In Reel Deep are here to talk about. Andrew recently wrote an excellent longform piece on the future of film, and now the two of us have come together to analyze it to death.

What does the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the Star Wars universe's recent stumbles, mean for Disney's dominance? Is MoviePass a game changer, or an ill-fated startup doomed to high-profile failure? And what will it mean when all the mid-level movies depart multiplexes for streaming services? We have no idea, but we sure do break it all down anyway.

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